This picturesque kit house takes on the intimacy and spirit of the archetypal woodland cottage. It's steep roof makes it very suitable for densely wooded areas in cold climates with heavy snow loads. A number of other construction techniques and Passive House technologies bring the Hansel & Gretel cottage well into the 21st Century. 


A direct air supply fireplace running up through the double high space, a fresh air energy recovery system, and strategically placed windows ensure continuous warmth and high indoor air quality. Perfect for small families, it includes a full master bedroom, three-fixture bath, and a sleeping loft for two children or guests.

WHAT PEOPLE SAY:  "We had a great experience working with Michael Lewis and his team on the first phase of our renovation project and will work with them again on the second half, too. Michael created a beautiful design for our bedroom-addition that corrected a decades-old renovation and produced an end result that fits seamlessly into the original Dutch Colonial style. We really appreciated the time that he and the team took to understand our goals and work with us in shaping the design. And their assistance in selecting a contractor and managing the renovation process has been invaluable. We highly recommend the firm."

—  Jesse Perrin, Owner



Westchester Architect