Similar in form to the MLA Glow House, this cozy lodge is laid out with extreme efficiency in mind. Weighing in at a mere  20’-0” x 21’-0”, it has very low impact on the land, with minimalism in mind throughout all of the details. Despite the space saving techniques employed at the stair and circulation, kitchen appliances, and even with the furniture layouts, this cabin still maintains a loft-like, open interior. 


While most appropriate for a hilly or flat site, the compact form of the Mini Glow House can be adapted to virtually any site. Despite a small footprint, it comfortably sleeps two with additional room for guests.

WHAT PEOPLE SAY:  "We had a great experience working with Michael Lewis and his team on the first phase of our renovation project and will work with them again on the second half, too. Michael created a beautiful design for our bedroom-addition that corrected a decades-old renovation and produced an end result that fits seamlessly into the original Dutch Colonial style. We really appreciated the time that he and the team took to understand our goals and work with us in shaping the design. And their assistance in selecting a contractor and managing the renovation process has been invaluable. We highly recommend the firm."

—  Jesse Perrin, Owner



Westchester Architect

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