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The new owners of this mid-century modern home, situated on a verdant hilltop in Irvington, New York, were captivated by the long form of the house and the wide views through the treetops. However, the crowded entry to the house at the lower level combined with deterioration throughout made it a renovation project waiting to happen.

By creating a glass two-story entry space at the front of the structure with a floating, custom steel and wood stair, the ascension into the living space from the driveway becomes the most celebrated moment in the house. From this point, the living and dining open up to 12 foot ceilings and views of the surrounding woodland.


From the exterior, the deep overhangs and hardwood Ipe "Rainscreen" siding carefully shelter the newly-constructed glass box addition and create a sleek dwelling that reads almost like a beautiful piece of mid-century furniture.

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